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Daria Usova


« The main objective is to attract the viewer into the inner world of the collage, make him read the secret meaning in the details »

Daria has 2 higher education courses related to art (educational expertise and antiques).
She is a multidisciplinary artist based in Monaco whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Russia, Switzerland, China, France, and South Korea, in MMOMA, Stella Art Gallery, RuArts Gallery, Vinzavod in Moscow, Nest Gallery and Mimesis Gallery in Geneva, Art & Gallery Emotion in Lausanne, Samhart gallery Gstaad, Guggenheim Museum Foundation in New York and Galerie des Lyons.

She regularly participates in art markets and fairs, including Art Monaco.
In addition, her art has been featured in publications such as In Style, Tatler Magazine, HELLO MONACO, etc. and is purchased by private collectors from all around the world.

She also realizes custom made portrait; literally reviving this Art field and the genre of the individual portrait, which she calls «Collage of desires».

Daria Usova describes her pieces as being motivational art, guiding viewers towards happiness and the world of their dreams.

She has personal collage techniques «Pieces Art», and also holds a patent (№ 2344053) in Russia.


Official artist of the Principality of Monaco | 18 JUNE 2022 | IRENE KUKOTA

What private and museum collections hold your works?

“Good question. These are the Prince Albert Foundation, the collection of the Prince Fuad of Egypt, the Simon de Pury Collection, the Guggenheim Museum Foundation (New York), the Ekaterina Foundation in Moscow, Moscow MOMA, Samhart Art Gallery (Gstaad), A.P.T. Gallery (Hong Kong) and many other collections worldwide”.

Please, tell us about your collaboration with major luxury brands.

“As a young artist, I collaborated with many fashion magazines. After all, my art is made up of glossy magazine images. So, I worked with Vogue, GQ, Men's Health and was involved in art projects for such brands as Martini and Mazda. Furthermore, I created artworks for the leading fashion designers, such as Paul Smith, French icon Chantal Thomass, and legendary British designer Zandra Rhodes. Recently I met with the Dolce & Gabbana Art Director and was commissioned several works for the family of the celebrated designers. I believe that the history of a fashion brand is always a puzzle consisting of inspiration, personal choices, experiments, and eventually, success, crowning all efforts”.

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• Participation in a young exhibition in «Gallery on Kuznetsk Most» under Moscow the Union of Artists.

• Studied and finished the (the Moscow pedagogical state university),faculty of art-graphic

• The debut project of collages on a theme «Reconstruction»;
• Participation in an exhibition «Memory», the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow

• 06.06.06 a personal exhibition «JL» (dummies about a fashion) in the international gallery «Stella Art Gallery», Moscow.
• An exhibition of dummies in the Museum of the Modern art, Moscow (project «POWER»)

• Participation in an exhibition of Russian illustrators «Love Couture» (gallery Zurab, Moscow)
• Participation in an exhibition «Kate Moss» (the Center of the Modern art, Moscow)
• Personal exhibition «Strike a pose», Prado café

• Participation in festival of Russian illustrators «Institute of the Smile»
• Participation in an exhibition «the Zoo», «Arterium» gallery
• Participation in the first Moscow International Biennial of Young Art «Stand! Who Goes?»:
• A series of collages with name «Citys», the Museum of the Modern art («Migration» project),
• Video collages « Flight of beauty», gallery «Zurab», «Souvenirs of UFO» project;
• Personal exhibition «ART-MAZDA», Special collages, Aerographics for Mazda

• Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
o Art market in New York «Pulse New York»
o Exhibition «Backstage» RuArts
o Participation in the third festival of Russian illustrators «Free Wi-Fi», gallery Zurab, Moscow)

• Studied and finished( the Russian state humanitarian university) faculty of examination subjects of antiques

• Cooperation with gallery RuArts:
o participation in an exhibition «Duel»
o participation in an exhibition «In Memoriam»
• Personal exhibition «Mythical artefacts» the Museum of the Modern Art, Moscow 09.07.10
• Participation in the second Moscow International Biennial of Young Art «Stand! Who Goes?»

• Personal exhibition «Glossy Attraktion» in World Сlass
• Participation in an exhibition in «Prichal» Moscow
• Participation in an exhibition in Mimesis gallery, Geneva
• Personal exhibition «Pieces Art» in «The Castle design» Geneve
• Personal exhibition for shop «Cosmotheca» in Art Kvartal (Winzavod) Moscow
• Participation in an exhibition «City» Mimesis gallery, Geneva
• Participation in an exhibition - party in «Art Hous» Moscow

• Big personal exhibition in RuArts gallery «Sense, spirit and body», Moscow
• Personal exhibition in Nest gallery «New Sensation – Collages», Geneva
• Personal exhibition in restaurant «Aist» Moscow
• Participation in Workshop 20’12 - Rejected Reality, Artplay, Moscow

• Personal exhibition in Nest gallery «Collection City’s» Geneva
• Personal exhibition for «FAVORIT» event – Lausanne – Beau-Rivage Palace

• Participation gallery Art&Emotion , Lausanne
• Personal exhibition in Art Monaco14
• Personal exhibition «Art of desire» A’trego Cap d’Ail

• Participation Art Monaco 15
• Personal exhibition «FABERGE» Continental Art Gallery Cap Ferrat
• Participation in big exhibition of Anrey Bartenev MMOMA Moscow
• Participation un project Sky Dreams GUM Moscow
• Personal exhibition Societe General Private Banking Monaco
• Participation in Arternativelight Monaco 15
• Participation in exhibition «American city» gallery Art&Emotion Lausanne$

• Personal exhibition private banking Credit Mobilier de Monaco
• Personal Private Exhibition Sea view Rooftop Terrace of Socete Generale Private Bankong in Monaco
• Exhibition in Cap Ferrat in «La symphonie des Fleurs» Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
o Participation in ArtMonaco16 with press MONACO magazine
o Participation with series «Card of Rorschach» in Xcontemprorary Miami with Boccara art Gallery Monaco

• Paricipation in charity Event in Monaco auction , «Change One Life» by Olga Taran with collage «Monaco View»
• Master class for adults «Collage of desires» in Yacht Club de Monaco
• Participation in collective exhibition in gallery ARTINTERIOR Moscow
• Participation in TOP MARQUES2017, personal exhibition and official meeting with Prince Albert
• Participation on Affordable Art Fair, with A.P.T. Gallery, personal exhibition, Hong Kong
• Master class for children in school Saint Charles Monaco
• Personal exhibition 12 June in Yacht Club Monaco in Day indepandet of Russia
• Participation in collective exhibition «NY city» gallery Art&Emotion Lausanne
• Paricipation in Evning of Bella Akhmaduina with art work «Dream Mention», charity Event in Yacht Club de Monaco

• Participation in auction ARTCURIAL, Yacht club de Monaco for AMREF flying doctors.
• Particioation in POP up exhibition in President Wilson, Geneve «SamhАrt Gallery», Switzerland
• Particioation in winter exhibition «SamhАrt Gallery», Gstaad, Switzerland
• Personal exhibition «Top Marques 2018»
• Participation on Affordable Art Fair , with A.P.T. Gallery, personal exhibition ,Hong Kong
• Personal exhibition in AldoCopola Monaco
• Partisipation in Art Shanhai with Boccara art Gallery Monaco

• Participation in Boccara Art Gallery Monaco in Wine palace, Yacht Club Monaco
• Participation in Artmonte-Carloin Grimaldi Forum, special project for Private Barclays Bank Monaco
• Participation in Seoul Art Plastic with Boccara Art Gallery, Seoul
• Special exhibition for BSL, Hotel Metropole Monaco
• Special project for Axenoff Jewellery, Hotel Kempinski, St. Petersburg
• Special project for Axenoff Jewellery, FABERGE museum, St. Petersburg
• Personal exhibition in the Ekaterina Cultural Fondation

• Exhibition at Galerie des Lyons, Paris and Cannes (France)

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